My name is Fotis ‘NlightNFotis’ Koutoulakis, and I am a Greek computer science student.

I am highly interested in computer infrastructure. Compilers, Virtual Machines, Operating Systems, Programming languages, and the like, are all topics that I enjoy and focus on studying.

I am a user and developer of Free Software. I also advocate for it, but I believe in positive campaign for free software, rather than negative campaign for non-free software. I firmly believe that if Free Software is to prevail, it should happen via technological superiority.

When it comes to my contributions to free software, I am a member of the Arch Hurd development team. I am also trying to study the GNU Hurd kernel in an attempt to both become a more active contributor to Arch Hurd development, and assist in the development of the Hurd kernel.

My career path is becoming either a compiler engineer or a operating systems developer. Pretty happy with both of them.

Links to my online presence: