Hello World!

While this blog of mine is not what one could describe as new (it existed for some months, but I had nearly forgotten about its existence) I decided to make an introductory post, after deleting the previous one.

The reason the previous one was deleted was that I repurposed the blog to contain pretty much anything I feel like. Yep, you got it right, it will be a personal blog, and its contents will range from programming, software engineering and computer science (a lot of those, apparently) to pretty much anything I feel like talking, really.

Oh, and by the way, I feel like now is a good time as ever to introduce myself. I am Fotis ‘NlightNFotis’ Koutoulakis, a young, Greek, computer science student. I also loooovvvvveee programming. On my free time I find myself contributing (well, more like trying to contribute) to open source projects.

Well, that is for me and the blog now. Hope I have a good start, and well, I hope you find reading my blog a joy, or at least somehow informative.



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